Pitchblende provides the know-how and expertise to create Rack Extensions for Propellerhead Reason. We have proven success working with musicians and audio engineers to make their ideas a reality.

Our Strategy is to collaborate with users, audio engineers and musicians to create high-quality Rack Extensions for Propellerhead Reason. Whatever type of Rack Extension you want to create, we have the technical capability to help.

We love Reason - we are avid Reason users and we love using the platform to make music and sound. We understand the amazing creative possibilities as well as the limitations. If you have an idea you've been thinking over, why not contact us?

Our Process is based on more than 15 years of experience in the Software Engineering industry. We use professional development tools and software practices to ensure a high standard. We believe success requires good communication.


Arm your rack with the Ammo 100 "Light Artillery" and take Reason modular synthesis and LFO production to the next level with 128 basic and complex waveforms, in a handy, ultra-compact half-U rack size.

With a massive frequency range, Ammo 100LA features an all-audio rate internal oscillator path suitable for both audio and CV output, and the essential controls are available in folded view, saving you valuable screen real estate in your Rack.

Whether standalone or in a Combinator, Ammo 100LA is the fastest, smallest and simplest way to get the modulation shape you need.



Pitchblende is a small and independent company based in Wellington, New Zealand. With over 15 years commercial experience in software, hardware, electronics and DSP engineering, Pitchblende has the expertise to help Reason users develop and build their Rack Extension ideas.